Natural gas Network
(High, Medium, Low pressure)


Initial and periodic inspection of high-pressure Natural Gas Transmission Systems (PS > 16 bar)
ELOT EN 12327, ELOT EN 12186, ELOT EN 1594,
ELOT EN 12732+A1, DVGW G-469, G.G. 603/Β/2012

Regards onshore Natural Gas Transmission Systems with a maximum operating pressure of more than 16 bar in accordance with Government Gazette 603/Β/2012 and the EN 1594 Standard.

Basic principles for choosing the route:

Safety (residential areas), technical and environmental factors (active seismic faults lines).

The welds are subjected to non-destructive tests (RI, UT: Phased Array Transducers & Time of flight Diffraction, PT&MT) and are entirely evaluated according to the EN 12732 Standard.

The pipeline is hydraulically tested according to DVGW G649 B2.

Inspection of Natural Gas Network Construction 
G.G. 603/Β/2012 G.G. 1552/Β/2006  G.G. 1810/Β/2006 G.G. 1712/Β/2006 
G.G. 1530/Β/2006 G.G. 1730/Β/2005 G.G. 976/Β/2012

ERGOCERT HELLAS SA is accredited by the Hellenic Accreditation System (E.SY.D.) for the inspection and certification of natural gas networks and equipment operating under low, medium and high pressure.

ERGOCERT possesses proven know-how after having completing projects in collaboration with national gas distributors (EDA THESS, EDA ATTIKIS, DEDA, DEPA). ERGOCERT actively contributes to the correct configuration of the Project Inspection & Testing Plan, ensuring the safe construction of natural gas networks and equipment.

Inspection of Natural Gas Installations Construction
European Directive 2014/68/EU (PED) – G.G. 603/Β/2012 

The certification of the initial construction as well as the periodic inspection of the Natural Gas installations is mandatory according to the provisions of the Greek legislation. ERGOCERT HELLAS SA can undertake any inspection in the construction of Natural Gas installations.