Lifting Equipment

Folk lift car working in container yard for preparing imported or exported products background,Container Trainer full of products for delivery to customer

According to J.M.D. no. 15085/593/2003 (Government Gazette 1186/B/25-08-2003), all lifting equipment is classified by hazard class (H1, H2, Medium and Low) and is mandatorily subject to initial or periodic inspection by an Accredited Inspection Body.

ERGOCERT HELLAS SA, as a competent Accredited Inspection Body, can undertake initial and periodic (re)inspection on Cranes, Bridge Cranes, Forklifts, boom lifts, Vehicle Lifting Machinery, Construction Machinery, Work Platforms, Concrete Pumps, Lifts, and all other lifting machines.

The purpose of the audit is to issue a certificate of lifting capacity, which is a legal obligation for every owner.

The absence of a valid certificate is punishable by a fine from State control agencies of up to € 2500 per lifting machine  according to the Government Gazette 2062/B/23-08-2013.

The time of the inspection and the periodicity of the re-inspection are determined by the hazard class of the lifting equipment.

In general, for the certification of each lifting machine, the previous certificate of inspection and/or the CE Declaration and/or the Technical Construction File of the lifting machine are required in addition to the onsite inspection.

Specifically, for the initial inspection, all lifting equipment that was imported and operates in the EU after 31.12.1994 must bear the CE marking from the manufacturer and have a CE Declaration of Conformity to the European Machinery Directive, as was in force on the date of manufacture of the lifting equipment. For the initial inspection of lifting machines that were installed, operated, were altered or underwent a significant modification after 25.02.2004, the corresponding Technical File of the manufacturer for affixing the CE marking is also required for the assessment, as provided in each case by the European Machinery Directive that is in force (at present, 2006/42/EC). For older machinery manufactured before 01.01.1995, the CE Declaration is not required at the initial inspection. However, if the year of manufacture is not documented by the manufacturer’s plate on the machine, a Formal Declaration/Attestation is required from the owner regarding the year of manufacture of the lifting machine.