Vehicle Repair Workshop


To ensure compliance with Greek Legislation requirements as are currently in force, ERGOCERT HELLAS SA can undertake the following at VEHICLE REPAIR AND SERVICE SHOPS:

  • Periodic inspection of lifting equipment

 A certificate of periodic inspection for the suitability for use of lifting equipment (two-post hoist, four-post hoist, scissor lift ramp and manual lifting platforms), issued by a competent Inspection Body, is required after more than one (1) year has elapsed since its installation (Government Gazette 1186/B/2003).

The periodic lifting equipment inspection checks the following:

  • ⇨ Previous certificates and/or Declaration of Conformity CE and/or technical documentation
  • ⇨ Completeness of safety marking and safety mechanisms
  • ⇨ Operation of the lifting equipment and its safety mechanisms
  • ⇨ Visual inspection of the structural construction of the lifting equipment
  • ⇨ With tests, the static charge (1.25 x nom. load) and dynamic charging

Periodic inspections are distinguished into control type A (testing with weights) and type B (testing without weights), which are alternated.

The absence of a valid certificate is punishable by a fine from State control agencies of up to € 2500 per lifting machine.

  • Periodic inspection of air compressors receivers 

A valid certificate of periodic inspection for air compressor, issued by a competent Inspection Body, is required after five (5) years from the date of manufacture (Government Gazette 673/B/1993). Every five years from the date of manufacture, a re-inspection is required, which includes:

  • ⇨ Checking the identification, marking, and manufacturer’s plate
  • ⇨ Review of documents, technical forms, certificates
  • ⇨ Measurement, using a specialized instrument, of the thickness of the shell and floor plates
  • ⇨ Visual inspection for corrosion or damage to the plates
  • ⇨ Checking the operation of the safety valve
  • ⇨ Hydraulic pressure test (1.5 x PS max) for strength and tightness
  • Electrical installation conformity check

The electrical installation is inspected by approved inspectors using specialized equipment. The control steps are conducted in accordance with the requirements of the ELOT HD 384 and ELOT EN 60364 standards and of Government Gazette 4654/B/2021, as are currently in force.

  • ⇨ The initial inspection of the electrical installation must be conducted before the first electrification of each installation or after any extensive modification.
  • ⇨ The re-inspection of the electrical installation is mandatory and is conducted periodically every 5 years.


The absence of the above-mentioned valid certificates is punishable with a fine from State agencies and may incur criminal penalties or even the withdrawal of the business’s operating license.