External & Internal Playgrounds /
Basketball Equipment


Initial and periodic inspection of external and internal playgrounds

An external playground is defined as a demarcated municipal – communal outdoor area intended for the entertainment of toddlers and children up to fourteen years old without staff supervision.

An internal playground is defined as a demarcated non-communal area, in which entertainment is provided exclusively to toddlers and children up to ten years old, in the presence of chaperones, under staff supervision.

ERGOCERT HELLAS SA undertakes inspections of playgrounds (internal & external) in accordance with Greek Legislation and the relevant Standards.

The inspection includes:

  • Visual inspection of the equipment
  • Measurement of the floor’s impact absorbency with specialized HIC Tester
  • Measurement of the distances between equipment
  • Use of special accessories to control limb entrapment
  • Check of the equipment’s structural integrity

External playgrounds pursuant to Government Gazette 1364/B/2007, Government Gazette 931/B/2009 and Government Gazette 2029/B2014, and internal playgrounds pursuant to Government Gazette 2213/B/2019, must be inspected periodically (every 2 years and every 1 year, respectively) by an accredited Inspection Body such as ERGOCERT HELLAS SA. Any failure to undergo inspection incurs severe penalties by the competent State supervisory authorities.

Basketball Equipment Inspections
(Public sports facilities and schools)

The inspection is performed according to internationally recognized Standards, such as EN 1270 (sports equipment – basketball equipment) and includes:
1.  Visual inspection of the basketball hoop for any oxidation or wear (measurements of plate thickness with digital ultrasonic thickness gauges)2.  Inspection of existing technical drawings and construction certificates
3.  Dimensional check and comparison with the construction reports
4.  Inspection for load resistance with appropriate testing

The audit and inspection ensure the safety of use of the installed basketball hoops located in schools, private or public sports facilities.