Natural Gas
Network construction

Pipeline under construction

ERGOCERT HELLAS SA, as an accredited Inspection Body in accordance with the ELOT EN ISO/IEC 17020:2012 standard, serves as an Independent Third Party Inspection Body that provides audit services in regard to natural gas network construction procedures, upon the request/requirement of customers for the purpose of issuing a certificate/attestation of conformity.

Audit – Inspection

Inspection of the construction works in keeping with the customer’s inspection programs, to ensure that the construction works are performed in accordance with the corresponding Technical Specifications.

Controls are classified as follows, according to the objective of each construction project:

– Construction inspections of Low Pressure Natural Gas Network

– Construction inspections of Medium Pressure Natural Gas Network

– Construction inspections of High Pressure Natural Gas Network

– Construction inspections of Drainage Pipes

The types of controls are defined as follows:

– Continuous presence (Witness) during activity performance

– Review activity documentation

– Endorse activity documentation

Audit results

Upon completion of the inspection, the company issues an Inspection Certificate for the project order or orders that were inspected or for the entire project, stating the controls/tests that were carried out, and that the control/test results were satisfactory according to specification requirements.